The New DashBoard and Jtags.

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The New DashBoard and Jtags. Empty The New DashBoard and Jtags.

Post  Devon864 on Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:58 pm

Okay so there seems to be a LOT confusion about what the dash update will do and such. So just let me clear things up for you guys. And these are mostly facts with some common sense thrown in.

-The new dash isn't necessarily adding security features to prevent JTAGS. There may be, but that's not really the main concern.

-The dash will just make modified consoles unable to go online without a new rebooter.

-At the moment nobody will be making a new rebooter. The FreeBOOT Team supposedly will NOT be making a new one. Rebooters aren't made overnight in Visual Basic by the way.

-Don't say "Microsoft can't stop teh HACKERS!@#", because it's not what Microsoft is doing, it's what modders AREN'T doing.
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The New DashBoard and Jtags. Cat_teased
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