Marketplace Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

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 Marketplace Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting Empty Marketplace Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

Post  Devon864 on Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:04 pm

To help prevent scamming here in the market place, here are a few guidelines/recommendations for selling.
If you are thinking of starting a long-term shop then you should try to get verified to prove you're legitimate. PM a moderator for more details.
If you want to sell individual, small items on here then proof must be provided, this is a picture of the item with your current username, "Modding-Tuts" and the date on a piece of paper.
If your picture has a different site ("TTG" or "7s" for example) and not "Modding-Tuts" then your thread will be locked until adequate proof is provided.
If your thread seems dodgy in any way then it will be locked. If this happens to you then PM a moderator to find out how to proceed.

Anybody found scamming will have their thread locked and banned from the site. No exceptions.

The Modding-Tuts marketplace is not a real marketplace. It is simply and extension of our forums where you are allowed to post about things you are looking to sell. If you choose to partake in a sale in any way whatsoever, the transaction must be done off this site. We cannot be held responsible for any transaction, good or bad.

By posting in the Marketplace section you agree to these terms.

If you have any Questions the PM Devon864, V for Vendetta, M1A GTUTS, LGKJTAGzZ FTW

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 Marketplace Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting Cat_teased
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